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New Beginnings: Day 11

Encouragement & Support

One of the motivators for me with the Plant Based Diet program at Pro-Activity is the support and encouragement offered from coaches and group peers.

We all have different personal goals and challenges.

I feel motivated by the diversity and enjoy exchanging ideas understanding that this is a completely personalized journey for each of us. What works for me might not work for you and that is all good. No one is comparing or judging.

Finding what works for YOU is what matters.

As does, keeping positive….all key to a sustainable lifestyle/diet change. If someone does not make you feel positive about your path because it differs from theirs…don’t talk to them about your journey. There are plenty of other things to talk about. And if all else fails …don’t talk to them at all or kindly restrict your comments to the weather❄️⛄️😉

Today’s feature picture was taken by my sister Kate while sharing a recipe for a homemade hot tea consisting of grated Ginger and Turmeric. I tried making it today:




New Beginnings: Day 10

SOS awareness: Salt, Oil, Sugar

Veggie Soup

Sub-zero temperatures call for some bone warming soup. A bowl of soup while dining out = oil and over 1000mg of sodium. A can of a “healthier” soup, take Amy’s for example, is half the sodium (not sure about the oil). Made my own today: 0 sodium and 0 oils. whole grains, whole grain pasta, and lots of veggies simmered in a water base. I seasoned with garlic and red pepper. It was ok. I will maybe make with 1/2 low sodium veggie broth next time for a little more flavor. The broth looked a little on the grey side but tasted better than it looked:


Veggie Lasagna
Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Made “Rip’s” sweet potato veggie lasagna recipe (feature picture). No cheese-used tofu as ricotta substitute. Topped with pecans and nutritional yeast. I loved it!!! Was a hard sell for the family though…went in a little too hard for them. Will add chicken and a little cheese next time. Don’t want to scare them away. Baby steps!!!

Feeling great. Need to increase my water intake a bit more as I continue to pack more fiber into my diet. Move minutes are up. Dusted off my Total Gym and am really enjoying it now that I have more energy.

I am grateful for a warm home, wooly socks, my children and husband who was a great sport with tonight’s dinner!

New Beginnings: Day 9

Reevaluate your initial goals ✅
🔜Set daily affirmation
🔜Set metrics-goal setting (create list: eat more/eat some/eat less)
Watch Forks Over Knives (Netflix) ✅

Initial Goals

Gain more energy
Restore core and upper body strength
Shed unwanted pounds (30) ➡️Eat more fruits & veggies.🆕
Educate my family 🆕

The blood scan evaluation talk at week 2 session combined with program media assignments have created a much greater awareness of the bigger picture. I am now much more focused on how I feel and overall well-being. I believe that if I continue to focus on eating a healthier diet, creating a life style shift, then the added bonus will eventually be weight loss. Right now, my focus is consistency and creativity that will help keep me on track.

Initial Challenges

Sweet tooth ➡️ Cheese🆕

I also decided to reevaluate my initial challenges. I originally anticipated my sweet tooth as being an issue but have successfully been able to find satisfying replacements. In fact, tonight’s cure for my sweet tooth (feature picture above) was some delicious banana pudding. Just bananas in the blender. I added a little almond butter, dash of vanilla extract and a sprinkle of unsweetened Cocoa powder:


It is the cheese that I think will be the greater challenge. I think I will stick with goat cheese or feta as an entry in my “eat less” column of my goal setting list.

Influence may be my greatest challenge realizing that my family may not be ready to dive in as deep as I am right now. Example: made them a separate dinner of grilled cheese sandwich and canned soup. It did not take too long before I was eating cheese which I was trying to stay away from! Oh will power where were you tonight?! SO, Cheese now listed as new challenge and educate my family as new goal.

Shopping List
Farmer Steve’s Popcorn
Low sodium veggie broth
Food For Life bread

Date Sugar
Ginger root
Turmeric root
Nutritional yeast
Goat cheese/feta

New adds to the shopping list include goat cheese and nutritional yeast (cheese substitute). Also new to the grocery list is a nice share from my sister – Ginger and Turmeric root for a nice & hot early AM beverage (will share more about this later) 👍.

I am grateful for all of the fruit of the earth that have helped me tame my wild beast of a sweet tooth, all of those who care enough to help educate, my friends and staff at Pro-activity and of course my family ❤️

New Beginnings: Day 8


Woke up extra hungry today so decided to mix some butternut squash-sweet potato purée into my oatmeal. It hit the spot and powered me for my Hot Yoga session.


Thinking at the time it was a good choice, I ordered a lentil-quinoa bowl w/chicken & kale at Panera today:


It was rather tasty however I later recalled my coach cautioning about sodium levels in broth prompting a web search; 1390mg sodium…will stick with a salad next time:


Handful of popcorn: Microwaved plain popcorn kernels in a brown paper bag. (Thank you Anthony & Cathy!). Tasty treat without salt or oils.


Bowl of veggies and Quinoa, baked potato with a dollop of sour cream. I sautéed my kale, chard and spinach in a splash of orange juice. I added in onion & fresh minced garlic – it came out fantastic!

Feeling good tonight, lots of energy, mind clear.

Need to shift gears and dig in some more with goal setting within the next couple of days.

I am grateful for the team at Pro-Activity, friends, family and popcorn 😉

New Beginnings: Day 7

Okay, lots of information to consider following my second session of the Plant Based Diet Program at Pro-Activity.

Reevaluate your initial goals
Set daily affirmation
Set metrics-goal setting (create list: eat more/eat some/eat less)
Watch Forks Over Knives (Netflix)

Shopping List
Farmer Steve’s Popcorn
Low sodium veggie broth
Food For Life bread
Date Sugar

After feeling good about achieving my goals for week 1, the review of blood screen results begins to resonate. The bigger picture of overall health and well-being are now clear, prompting reprioritization of initial goals. There are far greater ways to measure health beyond what the common bathroom scale may reveal.

I am grateful for the encouragement and support of my sister and mother, motivation and inspiration from my coach Anthony, and, All of those in my group who have shared with me.

Would highly recommend anyone ready to entertain a healthy new start to sign up for this program: http://www.pro-activity.com/coaching/

Above photo taken at my house this morning- long lines at the breakfast buffet today. FEED THE BIRDS 😊

New Beginnings: Day 6

Just a day shy of a week since starting the Plant Based Diet with Pro-Activity. Feeling strong 💪

Week 1 Reflection:

-Fill yourself with as many fruits and veggies as you can. ✅
-Drink more water (glass before you eat). ✅
-Observe media assignments. ✅
-Reflect upon goals and motivators ✅
-Get creative; think about ways to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet. ✅

Gain more energy ✅
🔜Restore core and upper body strength
Shed unwanted pounds (30 total @ -1 pound per week) ❓TBC

As I reflect upon my goals from Day 1, I can honestly say that I feel that my energy level is up. Is this possible after only one week? I am hoping that tomorrow evening the scale will reveal a minimum of 1 pound lost to achieve my weekly goal.

Sweet tooth ✅
Motivation ✅

Move minutes are up with a little help & support from my daughter Ava to whom I am thankful for 💜

I am grateful for random acts of kindness and support from strangers, freedom of choice, family & friends

New Beginnings: Day 5

Feeling motivated and energized which is surprising after a day of splurge. Back in the saddle today.

Bitter cold outside. Perfect day for some butternut squash soup. Mixed in sweet potatoes and apples. 🍠Delicious 🍎

Set-up my “me zone” in the basement as I look to increase my “move” minutes. The Plan for the next two days is to complete weekly reading homework requirement. Looking forward to goal setting as part of week two session at Pro-Activity.

Today, I feel most grateful for my friend and coach Anthony, my husband & children.

Above picture: Warmer times about a year ago 🔆