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New Beginnings:  Day 24

A little tardy with yesterday’s entry – late night.  Attended an election party for my friend Josh’s entry in the People’s Champ- Showclass Magazine motorcycle build contest.  Please take a minute and VOTE for Benji Weisenfeld on Instagram and on showclassmag.com:


Kale, blackberry, strawberry,blueberry, cherry smoothie


Steamed quinoa, portobello mushrooms, onions, peppers, spinach, black beans, corn and seasoned with an Adobe-ole blend.  I added in the leftover Tomatoe veggie soup from The Fuel Good Cafe. Very tasty and satisfying:

40 minutes/ 7 miles on my bike. Purchased a Fitbit Charge HR, looking forward to playing around and am curious to better understand my sleep patterns.

Am grateful for friends, family, & the nicer weather around the corner 🌞


New Beginnings:  Day 23

Snow Day!!!⛄️Even though ’twas a very beautiful snowfall, Spring cannot come soon enough. 🐣🌷

I spent the day in the kitchen with my daughter Ava💗


 We cooked a breakfast for the boys (my husband & son) of pancakes and….for the east coast “local yokels” – pork roll!  I indulged in one dry pancake, one slice of pork roll and an orange.


Made a veggie pasta salad (today’s feature picture). Used wheat pasta, peas, pepperoni,broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cubed cheddar and feta cheese.  Topped with vinegarette.  I skipped out on the pepperoni myself.


Roasted turkey breast, smashed potatoes, corn.

As a special treat we made homeade brownies for desert. Cut back on the sugar, used unsweetened cocoa and wheat flower.  They were delicious.  Going to experiment using raisins or dates as a sweetener next time when the critics are in school. 😉

Definitely feeling less energy due to lack of move minutes and the allowance of some oils and sugar today.    

I am grateful for the Beautiful snow day and special time with my daughter, this eye opening journey of health and nutrition,faith, family, friends and tomorrow.

❄️today’s winter wonderland❄️

New Beginnings:  Day 22

Feeling full of energy today.  Yoga class cancelled due to weather.  Jumped on my bike instead: 40 mins\7 miles.

Weighed in today at Pro-Activity.  Down 7 pounds in 3 weeks and feeling great! 💪

Grabbed an awesome lunch at the Fuel Good Cafe.  Caught a fresh batch of veggie soup…warm and delicious.  Highly recommend the Herbivore Hot Panini too.  Good stuff 👍👍:


Enjoyed some leftover tofu-veggie-goat cheese lasagna for dinner followed by the Chia No-Cook pudding that I blogged about preparing yesterday.  It was OK.  I substituted a little vanilla extract and cinnamon for the agave sweetener.  I might cut back a little on the chia seeds next time.  The consistency is just like tapioca – custard style:

I am grateful for faith, family and friends – especially the folks @ Pro-activity

Feature picture is of my children taking a homework break today. Below photo taken of my daughter Ava on this Wacky Wed in rememberance of the talented Dr. Seuss:

New Beginnings:  Day 21


Kale, pineapple, beet, orange, apple, blueberry smoothie


Super sized veggie & greens salad topped with corn, black beans, salsa and chia seeds


Tofu-veggie- goat cheese lasagna

Joined the motivated seniors at the Phillipsburg Mall today.  Did an hour power walk with me Mom.  Thinking about joining the weekend runners club at Pro-Activity.

Feeling fantastic and looking forward to Hot Yoga tomorrow morning.  Also can’t wait to try the no-cook chia pudding that is chilling overnight:

Am grateful for the motivation and energy I feel and all of the support from others to make that happen 💛

New Beginnings:  Day 20

Feeling much better today.  Up and out of bed first thing.  Being sick for days has given greater awareness and appreciation for my newly found energy. I must agree with the 80’s hair band Cinderella – you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.

On day 3 of illness,  I pondered how I got so sick being so healthy?  Wouldn’t my immune system get the same boost as my energy level?  None of this mattered of course today when I opened my eyes and was back to myself again and ready to go.  I then realized this morning that any time in the past when I was sick, I slowly bounced back. Today was much different.  I can’t remember a time where I bounced back almost like a flick of a switch…without a transition or day of recovery following illness.  Big eye opener.


I started my day with a kale, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry smoothie.  It was just the boost I needed.  My son enjoyed some with me, asking for more, and my daughter was not a fan citing opposition to consistency and strawberry seeds.


Bean sprout tortilla filled with portobello mushroom, pepper, onion and goat cheese hotly pressed in my quesadilla maker.

Didn’t get many move minutes in today besides those dedicated to getting the household back into order, disinfecting and laundry catch up.   Will get some more focused move minutes in tomorrow.

Looking forward to getting into the kitchen tomorrow evening with my friends at Pro-Activity 😃

Am grateful for sunshine, good health, family and friends.

New Beginnings:  Day 16

Learned today, first hand, the power of a good breakfast…

My daughter was home sick today so I was distracted from my breakfast ritual.  I honestly felt ravenouse for the rest of the day….even after making a huge salad for lunch. Did not get a whole lot of move minutes in and know that I did not drink as much water as I should have.   Today was a good reminder for me about old habits and the importance of a caregiver’s health.   

Remember the bean dip I made yesterday?  Well, it turned out to be a great base for a salad dressing.  I combined a couple of tablespoons of it in with a little fresh pineapple juice and rice vinegar.  The idea was inspired by a kick-ass dressing my coach made for the Pro-Activity Plant Based Diet program members to try.  “I love it when a plan comes together” – Mr. T

 I am grateful for my family, friends and tomorrow

New Beginnings:  Day 15

I am spending a lot more time in the produce aisle these days.  In fact, my kitchen counter is beginning to look like “Hawaii” according to my daughter:

Three weeks ago I claimed one shelf in the fridge.  As of today, I have taken over all but 1 shelf and the “meat & cheese/deli” drawer:

I am noticing that the more I spread out, the easier it is to make better choices.  I am thoroughly enjoying trying new things.

  Today, I prepared a snack of steamed artichokes (feature picture).  I brought water, garlic, lemmon juice and mustard seed to a slow boil.  I placed the artichoke inside of a steamer basket for 20 minutes.  While the artichokes were steaming, I decided to make a bean dipping sauce for them by placing chick peas and black beans in a blender.  I plated the artichokes when ready and added some of the steaming water from the artichokes into my dip for a final blend.  Soooooo good!!!!  

I am gratful for change of seasons and Spring, my children who have been helping me in the test kitchen, and the strength within.