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New Beginnings:  Day 29

What a beautiful treat the sunshine and warmer temp was.  The sun felt fantastic on my face as I walked out of Hot Yoga this morning.  

Started the day off with a kale and fruit smoothie.  Added in avocado for a change.  It made the consistency really smooth and creamy. Would rather enjoy my avocado chunked over salad or in form of guacamole.  

Decided to make black bean, lentil, tofu, mushroom, beat, onion, chia seed, garlic meatballs: 

enjoyed over black bean pasta topped with crushed  tomatoes. The black bean spaghetti was awesome, I found it in the Thai section in Shoprite:

I am grateful for Spring, new found energy and motivation. 


New Beginnings:  Day 26

Getting more move minutes in. Have really picked up the pace tremendously since Thursday.  1 hour and 15 mins of cardio today plus 10 mins on the Total Gym. I feel obsessed with the Fitbit which I now have feeding into the My Fitness Pal app.  I started to log my daily caloric intake which I had not been since starting the Plant Based Diet Program.  -49 calories today based on a 1,430 goal.  Enjoyed a spinach & feta hot wrap today- used a  brown rice tortilla which I do not like as much as the bean sprout wrap.  

Found a great recipe for Vegan Meatballs which I am going to try over some quinoa tomorrow:  Vegan Meatballs – Lentils and Barley.

I am grateful for the warmer weather today, friends, family and good health.

Feature picture today is of my daughter Ava playing with boxes.  This never gets old it seems: