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New Beginnings:  Day 24

A little tardy with yesterday’s entry – late night.  Attended an election party for my friend Josh’s entry in the People’s Champ- Showclass Magazine motorcycle build contest.  Please take a minute and VOTE for Benji Weisenfeld on Instagram and on showclassmag.com:


Kale, blackberry, strawberry,blueberry, cherry smoothie


Steamed quinoa, portobello mushrooms, onions, peppers, spinach, black beans, corn and seasoned with an Adobe-ole blend.  I added in the leftover Tomatoe veggie soup from The Fuel Good Cafe. Very tasty and satisfying:

40 minutes/ 7 miles on my bike. Purchased a Fitbit Charge HR, looking forward to playing around and am curious to better understand my sleep patterns.

Am grateful for friends, family, & the nicer weather around the corner 🌞