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New Beginnings:  Day 28

Met with my Plant Based Diet Program group tonight for a special guest appearance and cooking class. 

 It is extremely motivating and encouraging to hear about the journeys of others.  It is amazing and reassuring to know that there is a point of no return.  After leveraging the daily journal option of my Fitbit, I started to log my food consumption which… Surprise!!…. is measured by caloric intake.  The process of logging food entails not necessarily calorie counting but instead portion counting.  For example, instead  of a serving  of Steel Cut Oats for breakfast, I am logging 1/4 a cup.   For 3 days I have been over thinking my dietary choices as they relate to portion/caloric intake.  I was reminded at tonight’s meeting to stop!!  Enjoy as many fruits, veggies, grains, nuts & seeds as I can. I somehow convinced myself after logging all of my food that I should be concerned about how much I was eating even when eating clean.  Ok, backing this bus up again and keeping it simple!  

40 minutes of spinning today.  Feeling great and all of this energy and activity is leading to more down time.  I logged 8 full hours of quality sleep last night.  This has not happened since B.C. (Before children) and they are 7 and 11 years old now!

Thanks to the Pro-Activity team for another stimulating evening. It was great getting into the kitchen.

Grateful for good health, family and friends. Thinking of my Mom tonight who is hopefully sleeping right now after a slip on the ice today ending in a painful broken wrist.


New Beginnings:  Day 25

Started the day out to breakfast at Stella G’s in Hackettstown with the family.  Enjoyed the granary quinoa bowl topped with veggies and a poached egg 💚. Highly reccomend all local yokels to check out this family favorite spot.

Played around with my Fitbit and pressure cooker. 6 hours restful sleep- shocked!!

Pressure cooker is fantastic. Looking forward to canning during garden season.

 Still trying to better understand how to best leverage Fitbit according to caloric input options.  May need to pull in some graphs here 😳

Amazed at 8,632 steps taken not including the 20 mins on my bike today while waiting for my chicken legs (frozen) to finish high pressure.  Enjoyed some left over veggie lasagna for dinner. Family scattered this evenIng so waiting on verdict of my first pressure cooker creation.

Loving life, long talk with my sister Kate today, and country music.