New Beginnings: Day 7

Okay, lots of information to consider following my second session of the Plant Based Diet Program at Pro-Activity.

Reevaluate your initial goals
Set daily affirmation
Set metrics-goal setting (create list: eat more/eat some/eat less)
Watch Forks Over Knives (Netflix)

Shopping List
Farmer Steve’s Popcorn
Low sodium veggie broth
Food For Life bread
Date Sugar

After feeling good about achieving my goals for week 1, the review of blood screen results begins to resonate. The bigger picture of overall health and well-being are now clear, prompting reprioritization of initial goals. There are far greater ways to measure health beyond what the common bathroom scale may reveal.

I am grateful for the encouragement and support of my sister and mother, motivation and inspiration from my coach Anthony, and, All of those in my group who have shared with me.

Would highly recommend anyone ready to entertain a healthy new start to sign up for this program:

Above photo taken at my house this morning- long lines at the breakfast buffet today. FEED THE BIRDS 😊

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