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New Beginnings:  Day 22

Feeling full of energy today.  Yoga class cancelled due to weather.  Jumped on my bike instead: 40 mins\7 miles.

Weighed in today at Pro-Activity.  Down 7 pounds in 3 weeks and feeling great! 💪

Grabbed an awesome lunch at the Fuel Good Cafe.  Caught a fresh batch of veggie soup…warm and delicious.  Highly recommend the Herbivore Hot Panini too.  Good stuff 👍👍:


Enjoyed some leftover tofu-veggie-goat cheese lasagna for dinner followed by the Chia No-Cook pudding that I blogged about preparing yesterday.  It was OK.  I substituted a little vanilla extract and cinnamon for the agave sweetener.  I might cut back a little on the chia seeds next time.  The consistency is just like tapioca – custard style:

I am grateful for faith, family and friends – especially the folks @ Pro-activity

Feature picture is of my children taking a homework break today. Below photo taken of my daughter Ava on this Wacky Wed in rememberance of the talented Dr. Seuss:


New Beginnings:  Day 21


Kale, pineapple, beet, orange, apple, blueberry smoothie


Super sized veggie & greens salad topped with corn, black beans, salsa and chia seeds


Tofu-veggie- goat cheese lasagna

Joined the motivated seniors at the Phillipsburg Mall today.  Did an hour power walk with me Mom.  Thinking about joining the weekend runners club at Pro-Activity.

Feeling fantastic and looking forward to Hot Yoga tomorrow morning.  Also can’t wait to try the no-cook chia pudding that is chilling overnight:

Am grateful for the motivation and energy I feel and all of the support from others to make that happen 💛