New Beginnings: Day 10

SOS awareness: Salt, Oil, Sugar

Veggie Soup

Sub-zero temperatures call for some bone warming soup. A bowl of soup while dining out = oil and over 1000mg of sodium. A can of a “healthier” soup, take Amy’s for example, is half the sodium (not sure about the oil). Made my own today: 0 sodium and 0 oils. whole grains, whole grain pasta, and lots of veggies simmered in a water base. I seasoned with garlic and red pepper. It was ok. I will maybe make with 1/2 low sodium veggie broth next time for a little more flavor. The broth looked a little on the grey side but tasted better than it looked:


Veggie Lasagna
Homemade Whole Wheat Bread

Made “Rip’s” sweet potato veggie lasagna recipe (feature picture). No cheese-used tofu as ricotta substitute. Topped with pecans and nutritional yeast. I loved it!!! Was a hard sell for the family though…went in a little too hard for them. Will add chicken and a little cheese next time. Don’t want to scare them away. Baby steps!!!

Feeling great. Need to increase my water intake a bit more as I continue to pack more fiber into my diet. Move minutes are up. Dusted off my Total Gym and am really enjoying it now that I have more energy.

I am grateful for a warm home, wooly socks, my children and husband who was a great sport with tonight’s dinner!


    1. Hi! Tough to tell to be honest. This was my first time using it and I only used a sprinkle to top the lasagna. It is a good option to spice things up, will try over my popcorn next but could do without in the lasagna to be honest. I think I will play around with it as a “thickner” for dressings/gravy as well. Maybe a veggie stew? In short, I am still experimenting😀


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