New Beginnings: Day 9

Reevaluate your initial goals ✅
🔜Set daily affirmation
🔜Set metrics-goal setting (create list: eat more/eat some/eat less)
Watch Forks Over Knives (Netflix) ✅

Initial Goals

Gain more energy
Restore core and upper body strength
Shed unwanted pounds (30) ➡️Eat more fruits & veggies.🆕
Educate my family 🆕

The blood scan evaluation talk at week 2 session combined with program media assignments have created a much greater awareness of the bigger picture. I am now much more focused on how I feel and overall well-being. I believe that if I continue to focus on eating a healthier diet, creating a life style shift, then the added bonus will eventually be weight loss. Right now, my focus is consistency and creativity that will help keep me on track.

Initial Challenges

Sweet tooth ➡️ Cheese🆕

I also decided to reevaluate my initial challenges. I originally anticipated my sweet tooth as being an issue but have successfully been able to find satisfying replacements. In fact, tonight’s cure for my sweet tooth (feature picture above) was some delicious banana pudding. Just bananas in the blender. I added a little almond butter, dash of vanilla extract and a sprinkle of unsweetened Cocoa powder:


It is the cheese that I think will be the greater challenge. I think I will stick with goat cheese or feta as an entry in my “eat less” column of my goal setting list.

Influence may be my greatest challenge realizing that my family may not be ready to dive in as deep as I am right now. Example: made them a separate dinner of grilled cheese sandwich and canned soup. It did not take too long before I was eating cheese which I was trying to stay away from! Oh will power where were you tonight?! SO, Cheese now listed as new challenge and educate my family as new goal.

Shopping List
Farmer Steve’s Popcorn
Low sodium veggie broth
Food For Life bread

Date Sugar
Ginger root
Turmeric root
Nutritional yeast
Goat cheese/feta

New adds to the shopping list include goat cheese and nutritional yeast (cheese substitute). Also new to the grocery list is a nice share from my sister – Ginger and Turmeric root for a nice & hot early AM beverage (will share more about this later) 👍.

I am grateful for all of the fruit of the earth that have helped me tame my wild beast of a sweet tooth, all of those who care enough to help educate, my friends and staff at Pro-activity and of course my family ❤️

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