New Beginnings: Day 15

I am spending a lot more time in the produce aisle these days.  In fact, my kitchen counter is beginning to look like “Hawaii” according to my daughter:

Three weeks ago I claimed one shelf in the fridge.  As of today, I have taken over all but 1 shelf and the “meat & cheese/deli” drawer:

I am noticing that the more I spread out, the easier it is to make better choices.  I am thoroughly enjoying trying new things.

  Today, I prepared a snack of steamed artichokes (feature picture).  I brought water, garlic, lemmon juice and mustard seed to a slow boil.  I placed the artichoke inside of a steamer basket for 20 minutes.  While the artichokes were steaming, I decided to make a bean dipping sauce for them by placing chick peas and black beans in a blender.  I plated the artichokes when ready and added some of the steaming water from the artichokes into my dip for a final blend.  Soooooo good!!!!  

I am gratful for change of seasons and Spring, my children who have been helping me in the test kitchen, and the strength within.

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