New Beginnings: Day 16

Learned today, first hand, the power of a good breakfast…

My daughter was home sick today so I was distracted from my breakfast ritual.  I honestly felt ravenouse for the rest of the day….even after making a huge salad for lunch. Did not get a whole lot of move minutes in and know that I did not drink as much water as I should have.   Today was a good reminder for me about old habits and the importance of a caregiver’s health.   

Remember the bean dip I made yesterday?  Well, it turned out to be a great base for a salad dressing.  I combined a couple of tablespoons of it in with a little fresh pineapple juice and rice vinegar.  The idea was inspired by a kick-ass dressing my coach made for the Pro-Activity Plant Based Diet program members to try.  “I love it when a plan comes together” – Mr. T

 I am grateful for my family, friends and tomorrow

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