New Beginnings: Day 20

Feeling much better today.  Up and out of bed first thing.  Being sick for days has given greater awareness and appreciation for my newly found energy. I must agree with the 80’s hair band Cinderella – you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone.

On day 3 of illness,  I pondered how I got so sick being so healthy?  Wouldn’t my immune system get the same boost as my energy level?  None of this mattered of course today when I opened my eyes and was back to myself again and ready to go.  I then realized this morning that any time in the past when I was sick, I slowly bounced back. Today was much different.  I can’t remember a time where I bounced back almost like a flick of a switch…without a transition or day of recovery following illness.  Big eye opener.


I started my day with a kale, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry smoothie.  It was just the boost I needed.  My son enjoyed some with me, asking for more, and my daughter was not a fan citing opposition to consistency and strawberry seeds.


Bean sprout tortilla filled with portobello mushroom, pepper, onion and goat cheese hotly pressed in my quesadilla maker.

Didn’t get many move minutes in today besides those dedicated to getting the household back into order, disinfecting and laundry catch up.   Will get some more focused move minutes in tomorrow.

Looking forward to getting into the kitchen tomorrow evening with my friends at Pro-Activity 😃

Am grateful for sunshine, good health, family and friends.

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