New Beginnings: Day 23

Snow Day!!!⛄️Even though ’twas a very beautiful snowfall, Spring cannot come soon enough. 🐣🌷

I spent the day in the kitchen with my daughter Ava💗


 We cooked a breakfast for the boys (my husband & son) of pancakes and….for the east coast “local yokels” – pork roll!  I indulged in one dry pancake, one slice of pork roll and an orange.


Made a veggie pasta salad (today’s feature picture). Used wheat pasta, peas, pepperoni,broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, cubed cheddar and feta cheese.  Topped with vinegarette.  I skipped out on the pepperoni myself.


Roasted turkey breast, smashed potatoes, corn.

As a special treat we made homeade brownies for desert. Cut back on the sugar, used unsweetened cocoa and wheat flower.  They were delicious.  Going to experiment using raisins or dates as a sweetener next time when the critics are in school. 😉

Definitely feeling less energy due to lack of move minutes and the allowance of some oils and sugar today.    

I am grateful for the Beautiful snow day and special time with my daughter, this eye opening journey of health and nutrition,faith, family, friends and tomorrow.

❄️today’s winter wonderland❄️

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