On The Fly:  Week 20

Looking back on the past week, I feel dizzy!  Busy, busy…both my mind and body as I prepare to return to work next week.  

Let me start with where we left off…

Last weekend was action packed complete with ball games, birthday party, trip to the RVCC planetarium, shopping at the green houses, planting the veggie/herb garden and celebrating Mother’s Day with my family ❤️:   


 Spent the past week Spring cleaning.  My closet was a disaster…filled with clothes that I hadn’t worn in years.   As I started to weed out a bit,  I remembered that I had an old box of clothing up in the attic from B.C. (Before Children).  My curiosity led me quickly up the attic stairs wondering if I could once again fit back into them.

Going through this box of clothes was like sorting through a time capsule.  There were items in there that I forgot I owned and some that I didn’t remember at all.  I tried on 3 pairs of jeans and to my surprise, they all fit (some a bit more snug than others).  In my excitement, I found an old receipt in the back pocket of one pair of jeans that was dated June of 2003.  Item listed was baby clothing.  An imediate smile took over, followed by fond memories of that summer. This was the summer that I was pregnant with my first born child and son Lee. This time in my life was magical.  I can recall shopping for baby Vans, sleepers, pretty much anything unique that caught my eye and could be purchased in a neutral color.  

After my trip down memory lane was over, it was time to sort through the after math of my 1990’s fashion show and decide what I was gong to keep.   The timing could not have been better to get my health and shape back as I was able to salvage a few good work worthy clothing items.

On Tuesday evening, I met with the greater PBWF group for our final session.  We reflected on accomplishments, challenges, options and plans as we march on in our personal journeys.  After much thought, I have decided to continue with weigh-ins and group sessions to help keep on track as I return to work.  I firmly believe that I will further benefit from continued accountability at this time in my life.

I have come so far.  Feel great.  Mind is clear with energy up.  I wonder how I walked around feeling the way I did for so long & prior to walking through the doors of Pro-Activity for the first time:


My daughter Ava and I made a batch of Talia Fuhrman’s black bean brownies last night (substituted butter beans for black beans).

 Had a nice time in the kitchen and brownies came out delicious. 

 Then, it was back to the ball fields today:


It was a beautiful afternoon spent around the Homefront.  My husband was busy dropping a tree while the kids enjoyed a round of chess:   

And as for me…I kicked back in my anti gravity chair after, food shopping & cleaning windows, when I noticed the clouds making an “x” formation directly over the sun:



 Pretty cool, huh!!

Am grateful for the love and life that my family brings to me each and every day & the much needed rain that is falling from the sky this evening.  


On The Fly:  Week 19

It is official!  My first post of “On The Fly”.  This is follow-up to the New Begginings blog to share my transition as I return to work and enter life in the fast lane again.  I recognize that by continuing to share my health journey with you, I will remain on track, motivated and inspired to maintain my newly found energy and overall health.  

Ok, so here is the week in review…ready???  Here we go:

Was having fun grilling veggies earlier in the week.  And, I made a batch of cream of broccoli soup in my new blender on Wednesdsy.  Love how this blender makes hot soups!  Yummy:


 On Thursday, I made a bulk batch of very berry sorbet.  It was awesome…just frozen berries, ice and a little soy milk.   I have enjoyed some for breakfast and late afternoon snack.  Very refreshing in this warmer weather:

Been really digging the warmer weather, nature and all of the beautiful flowers everywhere:


Can smell the lilacs now as the breeze blows through the window.  

And, finally…also this week.  Breaking news, in main stream media folks!  It is official, Kylie Jenner has been getting lip injections (in case you were wondering):   

Love the clinical photo of an actual lip filler injection procedure!   Hahahaha! The media’s definition of breaking news  today never fails to amaze.

Going to go pick up my plants for my veggie garden this weekend.  Looking forward to getting them in the ground and on the table!

 So, there you have it folks…my first week in review.  Happy Mother’s Day!   See you next week 😄


New Beginnings:  Day 81-84        

Had a great weekend that started with my daughters softball game on Sat. AM:  

We invited those who came to watch back to the house with us to barbecue and celebrate Ava’s 8th birthday.  It was a nice, but busy, afternoon.  Lee had a practice in the middle of the barbecue and of course when we fired up the grill we realized we were out of gas!  We always seem to run out when we have company…

After the craziness died down we were able to feed our guests and have some fun.  We even played a game of whiffle ball (adults against kids) after pin the tail on the donkey:


On Sunday, we took a hike on the Dunnfield Creek Trail and picniced along the way.  It was a beautiful day:


Beautiful afternoon.  Stopped over at my bud Sonia’s house for a visit.  It was our first play date with our dogs Ella and Clover who wore each other out while little cutie Kiersten (Sonia’s gorgeous daughter) enjoyed a little water play in her styling sundress.  So wish I had pics of all of this!! 

Needed a little inspiration in the WFPB department so decided to grill some veggies tonight to help bring back that loving feeling again:

Just feeling very lazy this past week and need to make a come back to keep on track.  Still blaming it on allergies. Need some rain! 

Right now, I am listening to a very vocal frog who has been chilling in the pond since Friday night.  This dude has a set of pipes on him.  Hope he finds a mate soon! Oh the sounds of nature 🐸

So, been doing some thinking about this New beginnings blog.  I have met my goal of a healthier new version of me and now need to switch tracks to maintenance and continued inspiration as I return to work again.  All things considered, I decided to name this new chapter of localyokelgal “On The Fly”.

New Beginnings:  Day 78 – 80

Been keeping especially busy this week.  

Took care of some pre-employment formalities as I prepare to start my new job. Also been busy shopping for chairs for my dining room.  What an experience.  After a lot of running around, looking at both new and antique, I scored a nice deal at Jack’s Barn Antique Shop located in oxford NJ.  Great spot that hosts private venues too. Purchased eight sturdy chairs that if could talk would surely have some great stories to share!


Been feeling run down these past couple of days and think allergies may have something to do with it.  No energy and not feeling very motivated.

Made some salads today (feature pic) so that we can BBQ following my daughters softball game tomorrow and celebrate Ava.  It was 8 years ago tonight that she decided to get ready to make her sudden debut!  I was having very mild contractions around this time that I decided to ignore.  I slept on it and was woken up around 3AM….it was Ava ready to say hello to the world.  We barely made it to the hospital, could not sit down in the car as we were crowning! She was born May 2nd @ 5:10 AM and has been the sunshine of my life ever since. 💜

Will soon need to reinvent this blog space, recognizing that when I return to work, I may not find the time for a daily entry…weekly maybe!

Am grateful for my sweet daughter Ava, love of family, friends and Mother Nature. 🌺

New Beginnings:  Day 77

Had a great day.  Went to my son’s school this AM to watch him play the historical role of John Abbott in the Son’s of Liberty play.  The kids did such a great job remembering their lines and portraying the events leading up to the Boston Massacre and Valley Forge:

 I also met with my PBWF group tonight for a delicious and wholesome buffet!  Wish I had taken a picture of the colorful spread.  So delicious.  Left with a very full stomach but feeling good about what was inside.  I made a cold salad (feature picture) loaded with green power:  quinoa, lentils, black beans, soy beans, corn, peas, tomatoes (grape and sun dried), peppers (red, chili and green), mango, lemon grass, onion (white & green), avocado, cucumber, almonds, dates, raisins, lime juice, hemp seeds, chia seeds, cilantro, parsley, ginger and dill.  

That is a total of 22 wholesome and healthy ingredients. Of the 22 ingredients, 6 were puréed into a silky smooth & creamy dressing that I mixed into the salad (avacoda, dill, sun dried tomatoes, cucumber, dates, almonds). I purchased some mangos that did not seem ripe enough plus a back up batch of fresh mango salsa just in case.  I ended up using the back up batch of fresh made mango salsa:

I let the lentils soak and then put them in with the quinoa in my rice steamer.  While the quinoa/lentils were steaming, I diced up my veggies and herbs + made a creamy cucumber, avocado, sun dried tomatoe, dill, date and almond dressing in my fancy new blender.

   I mixed all of this together along with my mango salsa, canned beans, peas, corn, raisins, seeds and lime juice.  Can be served at room temp or chilled.

Tonight, after enjoying our great feast, we received our program report card.  I am happy to report that I did well.  My blood work was elevated when I started this journey over 10 weeks ago. And today, my blood work reflects low risk in all categories!  After tonight’s weigh in I am down 18 pounds.   I have tons of energy, feel great and  have received compliments about my skin being “more clear” and “creamy” & “glowing”.  Wow!!!  Never received such compliments👍  My family have been making better choices too and all on their own.  I could not be happier.

Am grateful for this eye opening experience, good health and the power of choice.

New Beginnings:  Day 76

Took my Mom to the movies today.  We saw the chic flick Age of Adeline.  It was quite a story.  After the movie, I showed off my new blender by whipping up a batch of smoothies.

Tried Dr. Fuhrman’s Moraccan Chick Pea soup (feature picture). I like it and the kids both gave it two thumbs up.  A definite good pick for the pantry as an on-the-go meal. Thank you to my friend Denise 👍😊

Very chilly out there!  Just returned from my daughter’s softball game and can still feel the chill in my bones.  The girls are doing so well and are so cute to watch!

Am grateful for faith, family & friends


New Beginnings:  Day 75

Had a very nice ladies day out.  Went to support a friend who was amongst a very special panel of woman courageous enough to tell their stories.  What is very clear to me is that we women all have a story.  

As the day went on, I was reminded that we can at times be our own worst enemies.  Why is it so hard to be kind to ourselves & be confident enough to not attack the integrity of other women for the sake of mere differences. Woman need to stand strong together, support each other, and recognize differences with respect.  But why is that so hard to do? 

 When I looked around the room today, I was surrounded by strong and beautiful women.  I am today and have always been very different.  Newsflash….. I know I am!  But, I embrace that.   It took me much longer than it should have in life to feel comfortable with who I am and tune out the noise.

  Today was a good reminder that most of the hens that I know and truly respect are also different.  It is our differences that I believe bring us together and remind us that we are human, we are not perfect & there is so much we can learn from each other.  It is important to remind ourselves this before we are quick to judge others including ourselves.  Be kind and recognize the good qualities in others.  Don’t allow insecurities to rule and influence behaviors.  Be genuine and accepting and you will be surprised what you might learn about others including yourself.  And, if you can’t dare to get beyond yourself, your own insecurities that lead you to judge and belittle others, I will still be here.  Willing to help you accept yourself and understand that just like me, you are human, struggling to just try to be a good person in this over complicated world we live.  

Live every day to try to be the best you, and the rest will fall into place.

Am thankful for new experiences, variety of life & people, family & friends.

Feature photo taken from:  http://hanamele.com/archives/418