New Beginnings: Day 71

I talked with my friend Sonia today.   Remember the reference of her VW Beetle the other day (way back when we were young lassies)?  Turns out that she named her VW Beetle Thrasher and not Bessie.  There is one mystery solved!  

Sonia brought up a great point which oddly enough crossed my mind too recently.  We recall a time where we would tell our children to eat your meat (this seemed more important than veggies on the plate).  Boy have times changed!!! I was even further down the path where I would say; “If you eat all of your meat, you can have some ice-cream”.  Now, fruit is on the menu for desert & sweets are reserved for weekends/special occasions.  And the meat is optional.  We are making it work, even though I joke around about my family wanting to lock me up!  The truth is that what started out seeming extreme with this life style change is now every day.  

I love life through my new eyes.  I have slowed down tremendously.  What started out as reading more labels has turned into a whole new appreciation for the art of food prep & storage, kitchen tools, baking and cooking.  

I am also really into tasting new loose leaf teas.  Today I purchased some fresh hibiscus and blueberry green tea.  So flavorful. Made me think about growing my own leaves.  Need to add that to the garden research/planning list.

Am grateful for faith, family & friends.

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