New Beginnings:  Day 78 – 80

Been keeping especially busy this week.  

Took care of some pre-employment formalities as I prepare to start my new job. Also been busy shopping for chairs for my dining room.  What an experience.  After a lot of running around, looking at both new and antique, I scored a nice deal at Jack’s Barn Antique Shop located in oxford NJ.  Great spot that hosts private venues too. Purchased eight sturdy chairs that if could talk would surely have some great stories to share!


Been feeling run down these past couple of days and think allergies may have something to do with it.  No energy and not feeling very motivated.

Made some salads today (feature pic) so that we can BBQ following my daughters softball game tomorrow and celebrate Ava.  It was 8 years ago tonight that she decided to get ready to make her sudden debut!  I was having very mild contractions around this time that I decided to ignore.  I slept on it and was woken up around 3AM….it was Ava ready to say hello to the world.  We barely made it to the hospital, could not sit down in the car as we were crowning! She was born May 2nd @ 5:10 AM and has been the sunshine of my life ever since. 💜

Will soon need to reinvent this blog space, recognizing that when I return to work, I may not find the time for a daily entry…weekly maybe!

Am grateful for my sweet daughter Ava, love of family, friends and Mother Nature. 🌺

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