New Beginnings: Day 70

Planted my trees today thinking about whether or not I have eaten the fruit of the Dogwood or Paw Paw before.  Do not believe I ever have. The Dogwood grows berries and Paw Paw yields the largest edible fruit of any native tree tasting like a cross of a mango and banana.  Might be good smoothie or salad additions.

Made a batch of tofu & quinoa  mexi style (feature pic).  I like having this around to mix into salads or serve into tortillas burrito style. Or, like today, just a bowl full with fresh avocado and salsa:

Busy night tonight with sports and PBWF meeting.  Remember the Ratatouille I made the other night?  Well, I put it into the blender to make a sauce for the pizza I made for my family tonight.  Turns out they don’t like Ratatouille but they do like Ratatsaucie 😉  My goal is to always find a way to sneak more veggies in. 

At tonight’s PBWF meeting we discussed the hiding of veggies in food and all of the little white lies that we have been telling our families to get them to eat more veggies…I call them “little green lies”.  Together we also made a fantastic dinner.  Beautiful greens salad complete with a whole orange (yes, an orange and its peel diced up and tossed right into the salad), topped with a nice cherry, cashew, date, hummus, balsamic vinegar dressing.  Eggplant rolinti that was out of this world (cashew cheese).  For desert we enjoyed fruit kabobs with a delicious dipping sauce made with almond milk, cherries, vanilla, dates and cashews:

Our homework for next week is to make something to share – pot luck!!! Will need to think about this one….

Am grateful for the folks at Pro-Activity who have organized and delivered the PBWF Program, friends and family.

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