New Beginnings: Day 75

Had a very nice ladies day out.  Went to support a friend who was amongst a very special panel of woman courageous enough to tell their stories.  What is very clear to me is that we women all have a story.  

As the day went on, I was reminded that we can at times be our own worst enemies.  Why is it so hard to be kind to ourselves & be confident enough to not attack the integrity of other women for the sake of mere differences. Woman need to stand strong together, support each other, and recognize differences with respect.  But why is that so hard to do? 

 When I looked around the room today, I was surrounded by strong and beautiful women.  I am today and have always been very different.  Newsflash….. I know I am!  But, I embrace that.   It took me much longer than it should have in life to feel comfortable with who I am and tune out the noise.

  Today was a good reminder that most of the hens that I know and truly respect are also different.  It is our differences that I believe bring us together and remind us that we are human, we are not perfect & there is so much we can learn from each other.  It is important to remind ourselves this before we are quick to judge others including ourselves.  Be kind and recognize the good qualities in others.  Don’t allow insecurities to rule and influence behaviors.  Be genuine and accepting and you will be surprised what you might learn about others including yourself.  And, if you can’t dare to get beyond yourself, your own insecurities that lead you to judge and belittle others, I will still be here.  Willing to help you accept yourself and understand that just like me, you are human, struggling to just try to be a good person in this over complicated world we live.  

Live every day to try to be the best you, and the rest will fall into place.

Am thankful for new experiences, variety of life & people, family & friends.

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