New Beginnings: Day 73

Had a FANTASTIC 👍👍 Day!  You know…the kind of day where the stars align right before your very eyes!  I felt like Rainbow Bright galloping on a unicorn through the sky as my rainbow road unfolded in front of me.  Ever have one of those?  They are the best!!

Visited with my friend and hair stylist Leigh Ann and scored a great new hairdo and while there ran into my friend Cathy 😄.  While at the salon, I received a call…you know how I have been waiting for that new and exciting job offer?  Well… I got it!!!    Was a crazy day for me as I had a duel offer and this is after 3 months of a very intense job hunt.  I start my new job with Met Life as a Business Excellance Consultant on May 18th and am so excited!  It is an industry shift for me and I look forward to taking on this new opportunity.  

Also on the decision making front was my quest for a new blender.  I am happy to announce that after much research, Blendtech vs. Vitamix ….I am a proud new owner of a Vitamix blender!!! More to come as I put this puppy to work for me in future posts.

How’s that for New Beginnings!?  New hairdo, job and blender! Not too shabby!  

Am grateful for my new job, faith, family, friends & good health.

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