New Beginnings: Day 69

Woke up to a rainy morning and for a split second thought about going back to sleep after seeing the kids off to school.   The old program that I was on would have led me right up the stairs and under my blankets.  This new program that I am on has been almost like a re-boot.  I instead jumped into life courtesy of my new found energy.

First stop of the day was the township building to pick up my free seedlings!!  Five free per resident, all made possible by the New Jersey Tree Recovery Campaign which is a month long effort to replace trees damaged or destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.  Off I went to claim my choice of Douglas Fir, Willow Oak, Pawpaw, Norway Spruce & Kousa Dogwood.  Now to decide where to plant them.  Speaking of planting, need to plot out the garden too.

Grabbed some grilled veggies for lunch (feature picture) and later in the afternoon showed Lee how to dig in and make his own smoothies…Just need to teach him how to clean the blender 😉:


The other day I mentioned I made a test batch of quick fridge pickles that did not require canning process.  They came out a bit too overpowering with vinegar.  I decided to add some more garlic and dill and chill longer.  Lee and Ava weighed in today and said that they were good but not as good as our neighbors! 


Am grateful for faith, motivation, inspiration & opportunity.

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