New Beginnings: Day 68

Woke up feeling motivated and ready to finish cleaning out my flower beds before Ava’s softball picnic.  Started my day with some Ezekiel Cinamon Raison toast topped with almond butter and bananas – yummy (feature picture).

I signed up to bring some toppings and condiments for the picnic today so decided to make it a veggie/topping bowl with my lifetime best buddy Sonia in mind.  Allow me to explain….Sonia and I decided to go on this journey together and it has been awesome.   We both seem to have commitment issues with plans so signing up for this was a guarantee for us to see each other for once a week.  It has been like old times minus her old VW beetle.  I think she named her Beetle Bessie????  Need to ask her if she remembers!!  Anyway, back on track here….Sonia recently went to a gathering and had a hard time finding healthy options so in her own clever way found some veggie garnish to eat that was used as decoration for the platter!  Such a great idea.  I could just picture her pulling the lettuce out from underneath the cheese that it was resting on almost like the magician table cloth trick!!! 😉

So, back to the veggie/topping bowl.  I made some garlic, lemon, red pepper, pineapple, black & garbanzo bean hummus.  I liked it & heard some good reviews from people at the picnic:


Parents played the children in a game of ball.  So much fun. Here is a shot from my position in the outfield:


After the picnic I joined my friend Debbie for a little Zumba (first time).  Wow, is that harder than it seems.  What a great workout.  10,000 steps in 1 hour.  My heart rate maxed out at 146 – the hour flew by:



Great day today.  Am grateful for friends & family; especially my husband Craig who stayed back from the picnic to turn my veggie garden over and fix the fence 😘   Lots of work ahead here – looking forward to tomatoes and cucumbers.  

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