New Beginnings: Day 67

Started the day off with a fruit and veggie smoothie at my son’s request.  He later asked that I make another batch after dinner.  I notice that he is really digging into more fruits and veggies with me 👍

Action packed day.  Kicked off with Ava’s softball practice, Lee’s opening day ceremony and baseball game.  I then spent the remainder of the afternoon cleaning out flower beds.  Such a beautiful day!  Still enjoying the weather now as the breeze drifts through the windows.  For dinner, we had some veggie burgers.  So happy to be outside grilling agin!  I bought a new stainless steel veggie tray for the grill that I am excited to put to use along with my stoneware.  

Feature picture was taken of some of the girls today after softball practice.

Am grateful for family, friends and nature 🌷


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