New Beginnings: Day 66

Those that know me best know that I have a thing for pickles.   This passion has since been put on hold.  After reading labels, my favorites no longer seem appealing. Too much sodium and preservatives in the typical brine.   In the past when I canned pickles, I used salt and even sugar for the bread & butters.   

I decided to work it out in the kitchen today by making a test batch of quick fridge pickles.  With this recipe, I used 2 cups of vinegar (no water since I am not processing),  some garlic & dill.  Bring to just about a boil and simmer.  Place your cucumber chips/dills in your jar.  Next, fill your jar with vinegar, garlic, dill mixture and cap.  I gave them a gentle shake and turned them upside down to circulate the dill when shaking.  Let stand for 2 hours and then chill for 24 hours.  Quick, easy, and hopefully tasty. I will check back in on the finished product sometime over the weekend.  

Also made some ratatouille for dinner (feature picture).  Delicious!

Report cards came home today and the kids kicked butt👍   Ava was proud of her many O’s (outstanding) and Lee of his 3rd marking period in a row of honor roll.  They did not get this from me….  I make a much better adult student. 😉 To celebrate, Ava and I went to see Monkey Kingdom tonight (very cute) & Lee stayed back home, at his request, to do some gaming/socializing with his friends.

Got some spinning in late night to help burn off some of the theatre popcorn:


Back to the fields tomorrow.  Going to be a beautiful day.  Enjoy the sunshine! 🌞

Am grateful for clarity, friendship and garden season!

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