New Beginnings: Day 65

Almost reaching the end of my time with the Pro-Activity Plant Based Whole Food Program and I feel fantastic.  My clothes are not fitting as they did 2 months ago (some not at all) and my belt is in 3 notches since starting this journey.  People are now beginning to notice and have been inquiring into the change.  Since I stopped getting on my home scale, I lost track of where I was with total weight loss.  Being curious, I asked one of the coaches/PT who informed that overall loss as of 4/14/2015 is 15.2 lbs!! (Thanks, Amy!)

 “New Beginnings” blog has been an incredible source for motivation and overall metrics. I will always have this to look back on to remind me of how far I have come and why I never want to go back.  

In looking back on some initial homework, I never did find a picture for inspiration, or set a screen-saver. 

 I have however been wearing a bracelet (given to me from a friend) to remind me of my inner-strength (feature picture).    And, oddly enough this friend who gifted it to me is Cathy who just so happens to be the wife of my friend/Pro-activity PBWF coach Anthony.  This bracelet was given to me 7 months ago when this journey was not even a thought.  Funny how life works.  And also a reminder of how special my friends are.  Such a cool power couple!👫 (This doesn’t look like them at all)

Today I am feeling especially grateful for my beautiful, lifetime friends.  Thank you Anthony and Cathy 💜  

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