New Beginnings: Day 63

Met with my whole food plant based diet group tonight.   I feel very fortunte to have had the opportunity to share this journey with such a diverse, down-to-earth, good group of people.  Each of us have our own stories and outlooks but all of us have the same goal.  And all of us want to see each other succeed in our goals.👏 (we are clappers)

Tonight was an evening of reflection, empowerment & mindset.  The one thing that I can say about my path in life so far, is that I never seem to take the easy road.  And I recognize this in the most positive light.  Given the choice, I take the stairs over the elevator…How’s that for an analogy! 😉.   If I had to sum up years of experience, right now, into advice for my children,  it would sound something like this:  “Slow down, experience life at your own pace, with meaning and passion and make sure to smell the roses along the way.  Take care of you, be kind, and relish in all of life’s art forms.”

I am grateful for my health, possibilities, family & friends.

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