New Beginnings: Day 52-62

Just back  from vacation with the family.  Took a road trip to Colorado for a visit with my brother who lives in a sleepy town way up high in the Rockies.  Had a wonderful time and kept busy:




We also had some fun along the way and back:



The second picture down (second group/fun along the way) is of my son eating worms in Boulder.

Speaking of eating, it was real tough at times finding fresh fruits and veggies.  

But, I made the best of my herbivore appetite in the largely carnivorous parts of the country roamed. My favorite meal was a “Veggie Chef” salad that was maxed out with fresh vegetables!! Right down to beats, olives and garbanzo beans 😍.  

Am grateful for my brother, sister-in-law and nephew for having us and showing us a great time 💜.  Am also grateful for home sweet home and the beautiful weather enjoyed across the states this past week ☀️

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