New Beginnings: Day 51

“Emotional Rescue”

Is there nothing I can say

Nothing I can do

To change your mind

I’m so in love with you

You’re too deep in

You can’t get out

You’re just a poor girl in a rich man’s house

Yeah, baby, I’m crying over you

Don’t you know promises were never made to keep?

Just like the night, dissolve in sleep

I’ll be your savior, steadfast and true

I’ll come to your emotional rescue

1 Comment

  1. Some of you have asked me personally about the meaning of this post! Turns out that there was more to it which didn’t post while attempting to blog on the road (in and out of cell coverage). So, the post was about emotional eating. I caught myself eating out of boredom while on the family road trip when this Rolling Stones song played!


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