New Beginnings: Day 50

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise following our Spring “snow shower”:


Okay, Mother Nature, enough of your tricks.  Bring us the sunshine and warmer weather!

Busy day today.  I was on the move!  Here is what Fitbit reported:


Fridge looking empty, bottom of the barrel.  Had a sprouted English muffin with almond butter, fruit, and a cup of green tea for breakfast. When lunchtime rolled around, I was able to scrap up some mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, avacodo, hemp and chia seeds. I mashed up the avacodo, mixed in some mustard and tossed with my veggies.  It was good:


Ended the day with a greens salad.  

I will be taking the show on the road.  Will check back when I can.

Am grateful for friends, family & adventure.

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