New Beginnings: Day 49

Had a quick breakfast of hot ginger water and fruit while packing lunches & getting the kids out the door for school.

 Today was a good reminder of timing.  Due to my current and temporary unemployed status, I have all of the time in the world to plan, shop and prepare healthy meals.  Matter of fact, I am rather enjoying my peaceful mornings after the kids catch the bus 😉.  I am extremely thankful that I had this time for me.  In fact, the timing could not have been better.  New beginnings will hopefully include a new job offer sometime in the near future and I am excited about this new time in my life.  This is also a reality check for me as I will need to learn how to improvise when on the go and prepare ahead more. 

I had a job interview today and came home to a big salad and some most welcomed company in my kitchen. My husband had some help in the barn today who joined me for lunch.

 Having many conversations lately about the change in my eating habits and often find myself having to convince others that this is not a typical diet fad that will be here today and gone tomorrow.    The fact is that I love fruits, veggies & nuts,  always have, and always will.  You are what you eat, so I just want to eat more of them!

Am grateful for faith, family and friends. Looking forward to hitting the road early Thursday morning for the family trip to Colorado (the cats out of the bag- kids know)!

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