New Beginnings: Day 48

Took my mom out for sushi today.  I enjoyed a salad with the yummy ginger dressing plus a veggie and sweet potatoe roll.  Am interested in getting the nutritional facts on the actual sushi.  It was made with white rice which is processed.  And, I am pretty sure that there had to have been sugar or oil (maybe both) in the fabulous ginger dressing.  

Very busy day.  So busy that I did not get the usual food photo shoot in today.  

What I can share however is that Fitbit said that I was pretty active- energy is up:


 Of the 118 active minutes was 40 minutes of spinning.  I have been doing real good in the “move minute” department, since making better dietary choices.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting at Pro-Activity 👍

Highly reccomend this Plant Based – Whole Food nutritional program to everyone.  I look at the nutritional knowledge gained as literally pro-active life support.  It is amazing how far a little knowledge and a lot of support can go.  What drove me to sign up was the need to improve myself, my diet and lifestyle.  I was tired of all of the excuses and well…I was just tired in general! And all of the time!

 I want to be the best role model possible for my family.  And, I wasn’t delivering here.  

My friend and coach Anthony assured me that with commitment, education & support, I would find the motivation required to make the changes desired.  This program has delivered that and so much more…and it is not over yet!

  1. When I walked through the Base Camp doors of Pro-Activity  for the first time back in February, I was on a quest.  I knew that I needed to get the facts straight and take accountability for my health.  The coaches and staff at Pro-Activity were awesome.  They immediately made themselves available to my needs and that of the group (it seemed around the clock).  The program keeps you connected. The weekly meetings, weigh-ins and health checks helped to keep me honest, motivated and on track.  
  2.  The informational and resource segments helped to build the foundation.  The cooking time in the kitchen with Lindsay, health checks with Amy and informational/motivational segments with Anthony gave you the frame to build the house. These  folks are a nutritional power house.  They are the A-Team of health!!  They truly care.  There are some people out there right now that do not understand why someone would care so much about strangers.  If this is you reading this right now…that is reason to sign up for this program. I guarentee you that YOU will care about yourself, others, and the planet way more than you can ever imagine.  The world WILL look different and you will feel better plus have more energy to explore it!! I promise you that.
  3.  In just a few weeks I dramatically improved my health, increased my energy and shed some unwanted pounds.  This has literally been an eye opening experience as I am now tasting my way through a new and exciting world.  This program provides important life skills required for a happy and healthy life.  It has been a true mind, body and spirit experience for me and my new found energy and blood work levels do not lie!  

Highly reccomend that you start your own journey &  see for yourself:

Am grateful for the folks at Pro-Activity, new beginnings, and potential💪

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