New Beginnings: Day 47

Spent the morning in the kitchen with my daughter today.  We made fudgy chocolate cherry walnut bread (minus cherries) from Talia Fuhrman’s blog 👍:

We substituted pecans for the walnuts and used chia and hemp seeds instead of flax.  We also added some raw shaved cocunut.  It came out delicious and we had fun baking this tasty treat together:



The timing could not be better for my friend and Plant Based Diet Coach to remind the group to re-visit resource reccomendations.  Talia Fuhrman’s blog was just the burst of sunshine and creativity that I needed to feel inspired again.  Thank you, Anthony & Talia 😊

Also played with rice wraps today for lunch. The children enjoyed creating their own signature blend of raw veggies. We mixed some mango chili pepper sauce in with the veggies before rolling.  Could also just dip too.  Highly reccomend trying Harvey’s Revenge Hot Sauce. My son had one for lunch and then requested one for dinner! Big hit and fun to make:


Am grateful for love, laughter, happiness and my family 💜 

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