New Beginnings: Day 46

I had a conversation with one of my oldest and closest friends about perhaps reaching the good ol hump of my health journey.  I am just not feeling as inspired but am pushing on.  

Attended the annual open day at the Pequest fish hatchery. It was a sunny but windy and brisk day.  The children enjoyed thier honey sticks and funnel cake.  And so did Mom.  I tasted the funnel cake….a couple of times 😗:


My mom is still not feeling very good.  Extreme pain 😞. I made her beef stew plus meat and cheese ziti to help with dinner for the next couple of nights.

 I tasted my way through the day.  Even had a cookie when dropping the meals off at my mom’s.  Not feeling very good about my choices today.  Lots of unnecessary snacking and empty calories.  Might be my biggest splurge day yet.  Did have two healthy dishes.  I enjoyed a bowl of vegetarian chili for lunch (feature pic) and a big berry veggie green salad for dinner:


Am grateful for faith, family, good times ahead including the pending visit with my brother and his family 💜


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