New Beginnings: Day 43

Another productive evening at Pro-Activity.  Really enjoyed the vegan style Alfredo sauce recipe that Lindsay shared with us 👍. Good stuff which I served over a head of cauliflower this evening as a side (hollandaise sauce effect).

 Our homework last night was to reflect individually upon what works and what doesn’t as we pick up the pace and cross that finish line.  And so, I started my day by revisiting the ritual of a super sized kale and berry smoothie for breakfast (feature pic).

 I did not have the smoothies last week.  I instead had a light breakfast (piece of fruit). Also noticed that last week I consumed more of the veggie burgers (Dr. Praegers and Amy’s brands) without realizing they contained oils. Up until last week, I steered clear of oils.  I lost about a 1/2 pound less last week.   Now that I know what works (more importantly what doesn’t) – my goal is to start my day with my kale and berry smoothies for breakfast and steer clear of oils to see if I can pick up the pace again.

Following my morning revelation and quest for the “oil free” Sunshine brand veggie burger, it was time for lunch.  l enjoyed a portobello mushroom cap, tomatoe, bean sprouts, spinach and mustard in a food for life sprouted wrap.

 It was a 1/2 day at school today (which I only realized when the bus showed up early 😳).  We made chocolate covered raisan and almond clusters using 1/2 of an 88% cocoa bar.  We also dipped clementine slices: 


You may be wondering why I did this after taking away sweets (other than fruit) on week nights…

Well, it was a special afternoon for the kids with being home early from school.  We were confined to indoors and played board games due to the rain.  I wanted them to feel excited about nutrition & understand that we can still have treats  now and then, but whole food treats. They loved it!  I think we are far away from store bought cookies and that is a good step for now:


Dinner consisted of a thick slice of a roasted cauliflower head drizzled with left over vegan Alfredo sauce on a food for life sprouted English Muffin, topped with tomatoe, spinach, bean sprouts and mustard. I had a side of a sweet potatoe and a crunchy dill pickle:


Also trying to ramp up on my move minutes.  Got in an hour of spinning – trying real hard to keep within the “fat burn” zone.  The Fitbit has been real useful for HR monitoring and keeping me moving in general.  This is what I looked like today:


Am grateful for my health, family, friends, hope and random acts of kindness 💚.

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