New Beginnings: Day 44

Started my day with a kale, mixed berry, orange smoothie.  Delicious! 

I reflected a bit about challenges of our pending family road trip.  Finding healthy fast food along the road is always a challenge. Plan to pack nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies to snack on.  Another challenge for me will be avoiding too many late nights 🍷🍹🍸🍻.  I can’t give up any more detail than that here as it could give away  the location of our final destination which is a surprise for our children 😉.  

Raw veggies and guacamole for lunch today and vegan eggplant Parm for dinner.  I did manage to get an hour of spinning in today before my trip to the AAA store and Shoprite with my mom.

No time for pictures today.  Feature picture is today’s dashboard snapshot from Fitbit.

Am grateful for faith, family, friends,nature and tomorrow.

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