New Beginnings: Day 36

Woke up craving a salad while wondering if all of the hemp seed I have been enjoying will come back to haunt me in my current job search.  Having done some research and consult with reputable sources, my mind is now at ease with hemp seed back on the menu for tomorrow.👍

Enjoyed a breakfast salad with lots of greens and berries which tasted awesome as they shifted to the bottom of my bowl and ended up soaking in the batch of almond raisin balsamic vinegarette that I just made.  Yummy!

For lunch, I had a Spinach patty on a Food For Life Sprouted English Muffin topped with onion, mushroom, greens, tomatoe and mustard.  

Dinner consisted of leftover brown rice noodles and veggies.  Added some fresh salsa for a little kick (feature picture).

Picked up some eggplant to make the roletini. Looking forward! And, I had to laugh today as I checked out of the Shoprite, thinking about all of the times I used the expense excuse for not eating better.  I stocked up with fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds for $144.00.  Well worth these jaw dropping results after only 36 days of a clean plant based diet:

Thank you to Lindsay at Pro-Activity for sending me the current results from the Plant Based Diet – highly recommend  that everyone consider this program:

Am grateful for good health, new experiences, friends and my family.

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