New Beginnings: Day 35

Made a vegetarian version of Shephards Pie for the family for St. Patrick’s Day.

Kids loved it and did not seem to notice the fact that the usual meat layer was now meatless 👍 (onions, mushrooms, split peas, lentils and tofu scramble plus nutritional yeast to thicken):

I added a layer of sweet corn & topped with dirty potatoe mash instead of cauliflower this time.  I mixed some crushed pecans into the mashed potatoes along with a little soy milk for the creamy effect.  Topped with onion powder, chives, parsley and a sprinkle of feta cheese:

I also baked a cake which turned out very rich.  The ingredients were 4oz of unsweetened cocoa bakers bar, cocoa powder, raw honey, water and eggs.  I topped with soy pudding and black cherries:

Very productive day as I also made some salads ahead of time for grab and go:

Extremely happy to learn that half way through the Plant Based Diet program I am making excellent progress.  10 lbs. down, 2.5″ off of my waist, and extraordinary improvements to overall health:

Feeling grateful for health, energy, motivation and tomorrow 🍀

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