New Beginnings: Day 34

Ended our trip today with a swim in the fabulous biosphere tropical pool at Grand Cascades Lodge.  Not much on the room service menu.  Had a bowl of steel cut oats for breakfast and an apple.  Enjoyed a salad, lobster without butter and a baked potatoe for lunch.  Was happy to be home to get a bigger veggie fix.  Made a big bowl of sautéed veggies over brown rice noodles for dinner (feature pic).  It was seriously challenging finding enough to eat on this trip. Feeling tired, only 25 mins of cardio today plus met my 10,000 Fitbit daily step goal.

Tomorrow night will be the halfway point reveal of the Plant Based Diet program.  Looking forward to finding out results.

Grateful for my family, friends and this new chapter of my life.  Happy that my mom is feeling better 💜👍

Can you tell that my husband is not a fan of photo opps…could not resist sharing his pool attire😉

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