New Beginnings: Day 33

Up in Vernon today on a family outing to enjoy what is expected to be one of the last ski/snowboarding outings of the season. What started out to be a relatively nice day out here has taken a windy and cold turn.  Winds are beginning to die down at 18 MPH.  

Had a tough time finding good food at the South Lodge, mind you, my definition has changed here.  Lots of burgers, fries and beer.  Spotted some huge dogs and turkey legs on the outdoor BBQ.  There was a salad on the menu that included lettuce and onions. I decided to hold off and caught a real nice lunch at the Crystal Tavern.  Ordered a salad filled with an assortment of greens, sprouts, carrot shavings and Pomegranite seeds. I ordered a side of roasted petite carrots and added them in.  Delicious.  First time sitting at a bar enjoying something other than a burger and brew.  I instead thoroughly appreciated my veggies and seltzer with Lemmon.  I wish I had taken a picture of the beautiful greens salad.

Am grateful for nature and all she has to offer, faith, family, friends and new found energy.  The world around me is looking stranger and stranger. Trying really hard to not talk so much of nutrition around the family.  Am grateful for thier patience and support. 😉

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