New Beginnings: Day 32

Visited with my Mom today.  Brought over some good food to help her heal – some fresh pineapple to help with the inflammation.  Also, made her some veggie soup packed with beans galore, carrots, garlic, onions, peppers, spinach, whole wheat pasta, lentils and quinoa.   Made her a spinach, tomatoe and feta panini with a bean sprout wrap.  Love you mom and hoping you feel better soon 💜

Got a nice workout in today, took my Fitbit off  to charge and forgot it at home.  I must say that I missed looking back on the stats for the day.  Gearing up for the family trip to Mt. Creek tomorrow.  Hope it is not too rainy.  

Looking forward to the halfway health check Point at Pro-Activity this Wed. 👍

Am grateful for faith, family, friends & new found energy.

Today’s feature picture is of the special clothes line my daughter made in her room to help dry the glue on the get well cards made for Nana.


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