New Beginnings: Day 14

Tonight was my 3rd session with the coaches and group at Pro-Activity.  It was a tremendous session.  I felt a lot more motivation and energy in the air as we push on together into week 3 of the Plant Based Diet.  We supported each other by sharing perceptions, ideas, recipes and even our stories.  My coach Anthony told his story which again was the inspiration for my journey and this blog.   His story serves as motivation, encouragement and support to all of us in the room tonight who may have been feeling a little overwhelmed, perhaps going through withdrawal as our bodies and minds struggle to make that connection…to break the cycle of polluting our bodies and minds with garbage.  

One homework assignment from week 2, left unresolved, is setting my daily affirmation.  I thought long and hard about this.  I even looked through old pictures, searching for a happier and healthier version of  me.  I realized that I did not have many pictures of myself.  Digital photography was not yet born when I was feeling good as a teen and into my early twenties.  And when digital photography really did take off, so did I, straight down the path of trouble with my health.  It seemed easier to be taking all of the pictures of my family so that I could conveniently not be in them. It is time to put the camera down and get into the picture.


I decided to switch it up this AM by taking a break from my usual oatmeal and fruit.  I threw some kale, Pomegranite seeds, orange & cucumbers in the blender for a smoothie.  It was satisfying.  I was amazed at how long my hunger was curbed.  



Leftover Vegetable Lasagna


Apple plus baked my own banana-coconut-oatmeal-cocoa bites.  They were ok.  Think I need to add more banana  next time:


Today’s feature picture. Leftover vegetarian chili served in a bean sprout tortilla topped with crunchy alfalfa sprouts. YUMMY.  I 💜 leftovers.  I am finding it convenient to make dishes bulk and enjoying them throughout the week.  Have been enjoying these sprouted grain tortillas:

I am grateful for the coaches at Pro-Activity for sharing recipes, insight and themselves.  My family, friends and possibilities.

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