New Beginnings: Day 13

Tomorrow night will be my 3rd session for the Plant Based Diet Program @ Pro-Activity.

Reevaluate your initial goals ✅
🔜Set daily affirmation
Metrics/goal setting (create list: eat more/eat some/eat less)✅ in progress
Watch Forks Over Knives (Netflix) & Fuhrman/ Nutritional Science talk ✅

It has been another good week. Managing to stick with healthier choices. I feel as though my hunger is increasing even as I pack more fiber into my diet. Move minutes are up and I am entertaining picking up a Jawbone or Fitbit Flex to monitor not only my physical activity but also my sleeping patterns. I recognize that I am not getting enough sleep, but am curious about exactly how much I am getting.

Made a breakfast sandwich this morning topped with greens, tomato and portobello mushroom. It was pretty darn good. I also made a tofu veggie chili with quinoa that came out awesome!

I could not resist tasting some birthday cake tonight. Chocolate mouse….me bad! I somehow convinced myself that because I did not eat the cake, just a little filling, that this would be ok. It was tasty and there is just no substitute for an occasional taste of the chocolate sweetness of mouse…besides absence of course😉

So, many people who quickly increase intake of fiber and veggies experience bloating and gas 😳😷. I did some reading and plan to continue with my ginger tea before meals to help aid digestion and cut back on bloat. Some other good remedies that I have read about include chamomile and peppermint teas.

Hit my exercise bike for 35 minutes today, getting easier to push on. I can recall a time when 20 mins felt like torture, just did not have the energy then. This provides more motivation to continue down this path.

Feel thankful for ginger tea, hugs and kisses from my children and tomorrow.


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