New Beginnings: Day 12

Finding healthy substitutes has been an eye opener for me.

In fact, all of these great substitutes are defying the idea of “Less is More”.

An example of such a substitute is a great suggestion from my coach to cook down berries to use as syrup for whole grain pancakes or waffles. I was never a huge fan of pancakes or waffles but do make them for my family and can on occasion be caught eating one dry. My family finds this very strange as they thoroughly enjoy theirs topped with pure maple syrup direct from my in-laws home state of Vermont.

Reality is that the more berries and fruit that I add to top my dry oatmeal, pancakes & waffles in the AM, the more energy I will feel throughout the day.

On the other hand, less truly is more to the point of LESS empty calories vs. MORE nutrition packed choices making finding healthier substitutes important. Each day I am finding more healthy & enjoyable substitutes.

An open mind is key. I am pleasantly surprised of all of the great tricks I am learning to help steer away from sweeteners and oils. Another great substitute that I know I can happily stick to is the use of citrus and fresh fruit juice in place of dressings that contain oil and sweeteners. I thoroughly enjoyed using juice from 1/2 orange, 1/2 lemon mixed in with 1/2 of an avocado over kale. I highly recommend trying this. Mix it together real well and let sit for 5 mins to allow the greens to become saturated. Yummy!

I am grateful for curiosity and creativity that make the world interesting, family, friends, and the sunshine enjoyed today

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