New Beginnings: Day 38

Happy Spring🌷 & Hello Again Snow❄️

Another light breakfast today- fruit & ginger water.  

After breaking the news to my children that we were only going to be enjoying dessert on the weekend😳, it was off to the store for more fruit.

 Took care of my homework assignment today by making a batch of Dr. Fuhrman’s awesome Tomatoe Bisque:



Managed to squeeze in 60 minutes of spinning before the kids got home (early dismissal due to snow).

Enjoyed a bowl of Furhman’s Tomatoe Bisque along with a Dr. Praeger’s California burger on a Food For Life sprouted English Muffin topped with lettuce, mushroom, onion, tomatoe and mustard (this blog is sounding more and more like an advertisement):


Am grateful for the support of friends & family and the roof over my head.

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