New Beginnings: Day 30

Had a light breakfast today consisting of fruit, ginger water and a cup of coffee.

Enjoyed a nice lunch at Pru Thai with an old friend.  Was nice to get out and enjoy good food and company.  

Visited with my mom who is making the best of pain & discomfort resulting from her broken wrist.  Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.  

Did not get a high impact workout in today but logged my daily step goal according to my Fitbit.  

Having been a fan of the Debbie Meyer Green Bags, I ordered the Green Boxes which arrived today.  I packed away my veggies and greens in them to help keep them nice and fresh.  The bags were recommended to me by my husband’s grandmother about a year ago.  The products work and I highly reccomend both the bags and boxes to all of my fellow veggie lovers.  

Am looking forward to making vegetarian version of Shephard Pie. Another delicious sounding recipe posted at (thank you Anthony & Cathy for sharing your recipes!) 😊

Am thankful for the power of healing, my mom, family and friends. 

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