Plant Based Diet Program

Look out world! I am planning on making a comeback in 2015 as a stronger version of me.

This evening is my first meeting as part of a 12 week program designed to help educate for a healthier lifestyle via a Plant Based Diet.

I have witnessed my friend Anthony make an amazing and inspiring transformation to a healthier, happier lifestyle. I have more good reasons than excuses to get my health back on track. Over the past week I have been reflecting on short/long term goals as well as anticipating challenges/potential barriers for success.


Gain more energy
Restore core and upper body strength
Shed unwanted pounds (30)


Sweet tooth

I am feeling strong however am looking forward to hearing stories and journeys of others in this group program to help me build strategies to overcome potential barriers for success.

I feel thankful for friends who have made this possible. Family who support me. And, the power of choice, confidence and will that together will help to motivate me through this journey.

Pro-Activity Plant Based Program

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